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Frederick Douglass

"The life of a nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful and virtuous."

About THE Douglass Leadership Institute

The Douglass Leadership Institute (DLI) is a national education and public policy 501(c)(3) organization that works across the United States. DLI believes in the sanctity of human life, free market principles, and limited government.  DLI was founded in 2015 by Dean Nelson, a minister with decades of experience in community and political activism.

DLI quickly developed a network of like-minded pastors and faith leaders across the nation and continues to provide them with uniquely tailored programs, information, and resources so that men and women of faith can be equipped to lead positive change in their communities and influence policy on the local, state, and national level.

Strategic Pillars

We envision a nation dominated by flourishing communities that are created and sustained by a multi-generational network of Christian leaders.

Pillar 1
Teach biblically based values and principles of civic engagement that empowers citizens to impact government and public policy.

Pillar 2
Equip and empower black faith-based leaders to influence the marketplace.

Pillar 3
Produce/distribute culturally relevant resources that direct leaders toward biblical values and community engagement.



Partner with us

DLI is committed to serving the black community and the nation by hosting community forums, pastors’ roundtables, policy briefings, and many other outreach events based on biblical values and principles. Your support will enable us to reach more leaders in more cities and states and equip them to bring positive change to their communities.

Events Held
Churches Served
Leaders Trained
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Voter Guides Distributed
Dr. Alveda King

The Douglass Leadership Institute is a fantastic organization. I am proud to support the great work of righteousness and justice throughout America.

Dr. Alveda King

Alveda King Ministries
Chris Broussard

I am honored to support, endorse, and partner with the Douglass Leadership Institute. It’s work in criminal justice reform and strengthening the Black family, two issues of paramount importance to the liberation of African-Americans, is rooted in the Christian tradition of the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

Chris Broussard

Fox Sports Analyst
Tony Perkins

Douglass Leadership Institute under Dean Nelson’s leadership is a great ally in the battle for the heart and soul of America as they equip Christians with the practical tools they need to impact the culture for Christ.

Tony Perkins

President, Family Research Council