Feb 26

Frederick Douglass—conceived by rape and born into slavery 199 years ago this month—escaped bondage to become a leading abolitionist, writer, statesman and the most photographed American of the 19th Century.

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Video: Repairing the Breach

Feb 18

Repairing the Breach session held at the Family Research Council on Feb 16, 2017. Join Robert L. Woodson, Sr. and Rev. Dean Nelson as they share how the conservative movement

Confirm Sen. Sessions: Opposing view

Jan 15

Written by Rev. Dean Nelson in Opinion USA Today He has consistently demonstrated respect for people of all races. (Photo: Jack Gruber, USA TODAY) The confirmation of a president’s nominee for


Video and Media Links from Press Conference on Jan 9, 2017

Jan 10

Special Thank you to Family Research Council for the Facebook Live video. Below this video you can find a list of the various media links that covered the event.  The


Leaders of the Frederick Douglass Foundation Support Senator Sessions

Jan 09

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Leaders of the Frederick Douglass Foundation Support Senator Sessions Black Pastors Will Hold Press Conference in Support of Senator Sessions for US Attorney General. Washington, DC –


Strengthening the Black Family – Recap of 2016

Dec 15

By now, you are aware of the success the Douglass Leadership Institute had this year through our Turning the Tide Initiative. Of the three important community programs that DLI held


A Letter from the Chairman: This Year has been….UNBELIEVABLE!

Dec 08

UNBELIEVABLE! That is the best word to describe the Douglass Leadership Institute’s staff as we reflect on the success of our ‘Turning the Tide’ initiative, which exceeded all our expectations. 


Anti-Trump protests continue across the country

Nov 30

[VIDEO] Fox and Friends interviews Jeremy Hunt of the Douglass Leadership Institute about his article  “Why I find the black community’s response to Trump’s election a little embarrassing“ Nov 25,

Why I find the black community’s response to Trump’s election a little embarrassing

Nov 30

 By Jeremy Hunt – Published November 19, 2016 – FoxNews.com   My father grew up in Atlanta during the late 60s and 70s surrounded by fellow blacks. From elementary school to Howard University,


As a black man, I’ve suffered microaggressions. I shouldn’t talk about them.

Oct 19

Reprinted from the Washington Post Focusing on small slights obscures the bigger issues in African American communities. by JeremyHunt “Hunt isn’t one of us.” Rico, a black friend of mine,

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