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For centuries, America has been a beacon of God-given freedom, hope and opportunity for people to pursue their dreams and raise their families in peace. More than any other country, America debated the political implications of freedom until it was applied equitably to all citizens. After the abolition of slavery, black Americans spearheaded a peaceful Civil Rights movement that relied on moral reasoning to achieve full equality under the law. Black Americans, though arriving in America under the least desirable of circumstances, now boast some of its greatest achievements.


Yet the past several decades have seen a decline in those freedoms and witnessed a corresponding erosion in hope and opportunity. Godless theorists proposed and implemented disastrous social policy, particularly during the 1960’s. While designed to fight poverty, crime, teen pregnancy and other social ills, these experiments ignored the basic truths about human nature and the proper role of civil government that America’s founders understood. The result was soaring violent crime, illegitimacy, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, and an explosion in economic dependence on the state which can be seen in tragic levels within the black community.


After triumphing over so much adversity to reach an era of unprecedented opportunity, large segments of the black population are now born into broken dependent families in crime-ridden neighborhoods with failing schools. What should be America’s greatest success story has become in many ways her deepest failure.

DLI recognizes that there is a leadership void influencing the black community and, therefore, strives to interconnect righteous men and women who dare to shine the light of truth on a cloud of tired rhetoric mingled with human tragedy. Through nationwide programs and education your support can be used to teach biblically based values and principles of civic engagement that empowers citizens to impact government and public policy; to equip and empower black faith-based leaders to influence the marketplace; and to produce and distribute culturally relevant resources that direct leaders toward biblical values and community engagement.

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Turning The Tide Radio with Gerard Henry COMING SOON on Urban Family Network.

This one-hour show with the former host of BET’s Lift Every Voice will focus on biblically based perspectives on society’s most pressing issues by interviewing leading figures in entertainment, politics and sports.

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