Turning the Tide Events

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Turning the Tide Events

The Turning the Tide Initiative is an 8 state outreach program designed to engage pastors, church leaders, faith-based members and professionals/entrepreneurs with biblical solutions to social crises affecting the black community. Through a unique educational and informational forum events, we are engaging and empowering people of faith to take positions of leadership in urban communities.

The DLI view is that by reaching into the black community and creating a coalition of partners in the church and professional fields, we turn away from societal ills, political dysfunctions and economic weaknesses towards biblical beliefs and principles promoting thriving communities.

The initiative is based upon three core concepts (WIN)

  • Winning Pastors and Community Leaders of Faith: Despite the ills of our nation and the challenges facing people of faith, the black pastor still holds a place of great honor and respect in the black community.
  • Informing Urban Communities: We believe that information is a powerful influencer, and the Turning the Tide forum events shine a light on societal problems but also provides a clear path to bring restoration to urban neighborhoods and families by promoting biblical values, reconciliation and entrepreneurship.
  • Networking the Expanding DLI Communities: Turning the Tide event participants become a part of our growing network of value-based leaders that we will rally together to promote biblical values in government, business and education.

Here is a look at our programs and calendar:

Strengthening the Black Family: A forum event that celebrates the importance of family in the black community while highlighting the challenges facing many of our children due to single parent households, divorce and poverty. Coming from the political and policy world, this leadership training is transforming the lives of participants as they work in the business and political world.

Supporting Criminal Justice Reform: An informational event that focuses on the need for criminal justice reform in America while promoting biblical solutions which call for greater involvement by families, churches and businesses in the re-integration of non-violent felons into our culture.

Securing Economic Opportunity: The Turning the Tide economic events are panel discussions by business leaders and professionals, entrepreneurs and marketplace ministry leaders on the importance of economic development and wealth creation.