“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”


3 Life-Affirming Keys Found in Jeremiah 1:5:
1) We see the PURVIEW of God (God sees and knows us in the womb).
2) God acknowledges PERSONHOOD even in the womb (pre-born lives matter).
3) God assigns PURPOSE in the womb (we are called to do something special).

GOALS: The goals of this project are to increase awareness of abortion and its impact on the black community, to decrease the favorability of abortion, to reduce the number of abortion providers and the number of abortions in the black community.

EXPECTATIONS: To build on our success with the Church of God in Christ, which recently passed a historic resolution affirming the sanctity of life (see attached), we expect to secure signatures from at least 250 black pastors affirming the dignity and value of all human life regardless of gestational age. We expect these pastors to commit to pray, preach and teach the sanctity of human life from the pulpit, and to invite their pastoral peers to do likewise.

Pastors That Sign & Stand With Us Agree

PRAY: For an end to abortion and that our goals and expectations are achieved.
PREACH: That Life comes from God, it is precious and should be protected.
PROMOTE: The Jeremiah 1:5 Project by recruiting 3 other pastors to join us.

Stand With Us

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