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Strengthening the Black Family – Recap of 2016

By now, you are aware of the success the Douglass Leadership Institute had this year through our Turning the Tide Initiative. Of the three important community programs that DLI held in several states, Strengthening the Black Family hit home the hardest. Whether it is the shocking 72% non-marital births statistic or the 35% of abortions performed on black women, those…

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A Letter from the Chairman: This Year has been….UNBELIEVABLE!

UNBELIEVABLE! That is the best word to describe the Douglass Leadership Institute’s staff as we reflect on the success of our ‘Turning the Tide’ initiative, which exceeded all our expectations.  From the 2,000 people who joined us in Woodbridge, Virginia to hear Rev. Bernice King, to appearances on Fox and Friends, these accomplishments would have been impossible without the sacrificial support…

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